when u hear your favorite band in public


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your life hasn’t been completed until you see giraffes fighting 


you’re welcome

i thought they were partying

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'I want to beat you to death with a blunt object.
I want to grab one of those high-end fashion mannequins
By the ankles
And bash your rib cage in.
I want to sharpen fifty pencils,
Bind them with a rubber band,
Stick the lead in your mouth,
And punch the erasers.
I want to strap you to a bed of nails,
Then strap that bed of nails to the hood of my car,
So I can watch you suffer as we drive over speed bumps
In a mall parking lot
During an earthquake.
I want you to somehow survive a terrible car crash,
Then somehow not survive a small fender bender
On the way back from the hospital.’
…Thank you. That’s called ‘Dad.’
― Bo Burnham (via doubleh-partnersincrime)


Have you ever realized that every book you’ve ever read is just a combination of 26 letters


Avoiding spoilers on tumblr